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Our Services

Customized Softwares


Our software facilitates all accounting transactions such as Purchase, Sales, Receipt, Payment, Journal Entry, Debit Note, Credit Note and the design and functionality of each form can be altered, so as to help our customers post their transactions in the easiest manner, provided the changes do not contradict with accounting principles. Accounting reports such as Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet, Ledger Reports, Inventory Transactions are provided for submission of books of accounts and for getting real time information, so as to make the right business decisions.

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Website Design and Development


We provide websites that are tailor-made for our customers and would help in making their presence felt in the digital arena. Static and dynamic websites are created from scratch so that the customer receives a customised website which is exclusively made for their organization. We offer websites with beautiful layout. Care is taken to ensure websites developed by us are responsive in nature, which means the website adjusts its appearance as per the resolution of the device, thus providing convenient browsing on phone, tablet and also computer machines. We also test the developed website with different browsers and make sure it is compatible with all.

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E-Commerce websites can be developed in two ways. One is by using online Content Management System and E-Commerce Platforms such as WordPress, Magento etc. Second one is by writing our own HTML and PHP codes. Developing using online E-Commerce platforms involves less efforts and hence development charges would be less. Attractive templates will be provided and a choice has to be made for the most appropriate one. Most templates are free of cost, while appealing paid ones are also available. On the selected template, our brand name can be put along with the tagline, logo and other details. But, the flexibility would be limited with such a website. The designs can be altered to a reasonable extent, and so is the case with functionality of the portal. Second option of developing by writing own HTML and PHP codes is a more preferred option for large and complex websites. Elements on the website can be rearranged as per our desire. The functionality can be tweaked to our settings. The loading speed of the website is comparatively faster with this method.

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